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Change your life with our indicator and trading alerts, GIBBS911,

The idea is to Enter a trade before the pump:
example :
UNI - GRT: alert on February 9, +50% on each in 14 days!

Investing in our indicator and alerts will give you:


- Key information on the market,

- Community support on DISCORD and

- The training (videos) you need to trade like an expert

and change your life.

The indicator combines: Price action, technical and fundamental analysis, smart money movement

INDICATEUR DE TRADING : L'indicateur magique  Gibbs911 version 5. Demandez votre invitation.

INDICATEUR DE TRADING : L'indicateur magique Gibbs911 version 5. Demandez votre invitation.

Lire la vidéo

The idea is to buy when the price crosses above the SSL2 line, and the candles are green.

Just sell when the candles turn red, and they break the SSL2 line downward.

The TimeFrame used for the alerts is 3 days.

You will receive your alerts in your mailbox


Aware that your time is precious,

I put my indicator and alerts at your service: ​


The signals from this indicator are accurate and reliable, it will help you anticipate market movements.

Ease of use: The indicator is user-friendly and easy to interpret.

It simplifies technical analysis rather than making it more complex. Adaptability: Financial markets evolve, the indicator adapts to different market conditions, providing utility in different situations. Responsiveness: The indicator responds quickly to changes in market conditions to provide timely signals.

Customization: You have the possibility of numerous customizations of the configuration of the indicator, and you will be able to adapt it to your trading style and your preferences. Compatibility: The indicator is integrated with the number 1 platform in the world of trading, Tradingview!

Strategy Compliance: You will be able to align your trading strategy with day trading, swing trading, or other approaches.

Clear documentation: The indicator is accompanied by a detailed video (in French, but youtube can translate it in English) which clearly explains how to use it, to best interpret the signals, and to adjust the parameters.

Ongoing support: I offer ongoing support in the usd of the indicator, including regular updates and rapid responses to

questions or concerns.

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