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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to copy me, take note of all this information

which will allow you to make more profits!!! ;-)

They are a collection of the main questions asked by my copiers.

1 - What is the minimum copy?

500 usd is the minimum possible copy!

I strongly encourage you to invest up to 2000 usd. If you invest a lower sum, you may not get all my trades! On the other hand, the more you invest, the more you earn as my earnings go up!

2 - How much should I invest to be able to have a monthly annuity?

Performance and profits are in no way guaranteed after your copy! they only depend on the market!

My profit target is around 5% per month! It is obvious that some months we will reach them, and other months we will be very negative!

Over the past 11 months, we have made +300%, which corresponds to more than 27% per month! Nevertheless, we have had negative months, but other extremely positive ones!

3 - What is the maximum authorized copy?

The maximum you can invest on one investor is 2 Million USD! Do not hesitate ! ;-)

4 - Should I copy the trades already open!

It is very important to copy the trades already opened if you want to benefit from all my current open positions during the first wave of 2021.

Copy my open trades can put you in the red, depending on the time frame, if the market is correcting and we are going down.

On the other hand, there is no better time to copy me than when the market is in correction!

5 - What does "open trade" mean?

"open trade" means that at the time of the copy, you will enter a position on the same trades as me and will synchronize your copy with my portfolio.   Then every time I open a trade, your wallet will copy it directly and benefit you

6 - How can I add funds to my copy?

Just go back to the copy button and click on add funds!

7 - Is it a good time to copy yourself?

It's always a good time to copy me, thanks to the new copy etoro function!

On the other hand, the best moment will be when most of my positions are in the red, because the green will follow! ;-)

8 - When will I be in the green? I just copied you and I'm still in the red!

It is quite normal that you are in the red with more than 2% of etoro "spread" and/or the fact that your copy is recent, I will add this information in the Faq's._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Patience is golden! 
If the market is in range or in the red, it all depends on when you copied me!
As you can see, one of my copiers who copied me on 02/8/2021 (only 9 months!) is already over 100%, so he has doubled his invested capital on me!

Another that copied me on 6/11 is of course negative by 3%, due to the "spread", but also to the amount invested.
Crypto is a marathon, it takes a bit of time to see interesting returns.

In any case, as I said in my bio, your investment will be the best with a possible time frame of 4 years... So, let's be patient, and I'm sure we'll all be in the green very soon. together !

Don't forget to take profits as soon as you think you have reached your goal 

9 - When should I stop copying?

You can stop copying at any time! The whole idea is to hit your own profit targets!

The crypto market is only increasing in its history!

If you take the Bitcoin curve for example, and zoom out, you will see that it starts at the bottom left of your screen, and ends at the top right! this is proof that the market is only increasing 

Of course, there are corrections that put us in the red!

A long-term possibility is to invest for a period of 4 years, the time of a complete "bullrun"! This is the best solution to make gains!

No one has ever been in the red after buying cryptos and staying in the market without selling them in the red!

10 - Do I have to be French or Francophone to copy you?

The copy is totally international!

There is no geographical limitation of copying as long as your local regulation does not prohibit it to you ;-)

11 - How do I get my funds back?

The easiest solution is to pause your copy. While it is paused, you can withdraw funds, but you will no longer benefit from the mirror effect if I enter a "trade" at this time. 

Don't forget once your funds have been recovered to make the copy active!

12 - I invested 2000 euros in the copy, but only a small part of this position is filled, is this normal? ​

You should know that I see nothing of your portfolio on my side, or of your investment.​

In fact, today, I have almost 18% uninvested in the markets.

This 18% varies... it can become 3% like in March 2019 during the covid crisis, where BTC was so low that I needed liquidity available to buy it, as they can be 75%.

Depending on the phases of the market, as was the case during the month of May, when we had no idea which way we were going!

At the moment we are at the bottom of the correction, and we may even go down a bit, so I used the available funds (58% of the 75%) to reinvest and buy low for the bullrun. (DCA strategy!) During the "bullrun", we will take profits, and it will go into the available, best way to increase the volume of your portfolio!

Following this, with the approach of the "bear market"; we will reuse the money available to buy back the descent of cryptos on sale!

In fact, it's never 100% I go up, 100% I go down...

Everything is permanently a matter of daily management.

You can see on my wall for example that yesterday we took profits, between 10 and 25% depending on the positions... these profits may be reinjected if we go down to 53000 usd...

So you'll often see your wallet changing and swinging, and not only is that normal, but it also means that I'm not at the beach with a mojito in hand, but that I'm taking care of your wallet as well as possible! !!! ;-) (but if you pass by, we can still share a "mojito"!!! ;-) )

Therefore, a well-balanced portfolio with always less than 20% of positions on a single asset (we have 19.50% on BTC at the maximum of our positions), and always with liquidity to redeem the dip and lower its purchase cost! !!! 

The best in case of copying problem is to open a ticket with ETORO services.

13 - Are we bound by a contract?

No, you are an ETERO member, and only ETERO is responsible for your portfolio and for copying my "trades" according to their rules. I only make my wallet available to ETERO and open my copy!

My past earnings do not in any way imply future success, and your copy only engages you!

Excellent trades to all, 

May your wallet be crypto! 

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