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To invest in your future,

join our community!!!



Since 2020, the community has continued to grow!

We are already several thousand...




Hello everyone, dear copiers, followers, and crypto pioneers...


A few months ago, as you know, I greatly anticipated my pilot retirement, since my earnings in cryptos were higher than my earnings by working!


So, a few weeks ago, taking advantage of the calm of the "bear market", I talked to you in the private groups about doing a challenge at 1 % per day...


Having tried it with small sums (250 euros), I must avoer that we are well above 2% per day, as for example today. Accumulated interest, that's all true!

You can see that I had fun with 835 euros today (from the 250 euros initial bet there3 months ago), and that we have an NLP of +3%, in less than 3 hours of work.


So, you will tell me, there are only 24 euros in earnings... and yes, because this type of trade is for fun, in addition to all my other trades... but what does this really mean? these 24 euros of the day...


Let's take a closer look:

24 euros on the 1st day, it's 389 euros after 20 days in January, 602 euros in February, 895 euros in March, 1331 euros in April, 1978 euros in May... I don't know about you, but I admit that 2000 euros would be more than enough for me to live in June...let's say that I put them back into play for the month of June, and that's 3000 euros after 20 more days... and in July then, 4368 euros.. .

And you? How much do you need per month to live and be well? 2% a day is nothing, and yet... In just 6 months, you become independent of your boss and make your life, from wherever you want in the world!!!!!

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I am attaching this file to you... you enter in the yellow box the amount you want to bet at the start (here 835 euros), and... you get on the green line, the earnings per month, by accumulating 2% per trading day (really not much!), working only a few hours...

With these 835 euros stake, we should quickly arrive (within 6 months) at around 3000 euros per month...

and in one year, I let you look at the figure announced at the end of November... and yes, at the end of November, because December is for the holidays!


Or an average gain per month over 12 months of more than 5500 euros... I'm not talking to you about the gains after 18 months, it's indecent! And yet, it is only with 837 euros today, which were 2500 euros a few months ago....


I could of course put in 10,000 euros and only trade a few days a month, but we would lose the interest of this challenge! I want to prove to you that being able to make a living from your trades is within everyone's reach, with a little will and method!


With my file, you can have a projection of your earnings over the year, by putting a chosen sum in the yellow box... and then, it's up to you to adapt this area.

Isn't it worth trading 2 or 3 hours a day for these results?


You will tell me that it is complicated to trade!


I prove you the contrary on the site,and on ETORO as a "popular investor", publishing my results quite often! But I will tell you all the same that it is true and not true, you are half right!


It's complicated to become an excellent trader, to know how to adapt your methods to become a good trader, and to know when to buy and when to sell...


Becoming a good trader requires thousands of hours of learning, and work, often a lot of money lost at the beginning...


But everyone knows how to press a red button to sell, and a green button to buy if the indicators are set correctly...


The method is very simple, here is how it materializes...:


- The course of crypto,

- A trend indicator,

- Projecting Elliott waves,

- The "supply" and "demand" zones to have the resistances and the supports of the "smart money",

- A rather special crossing indicator with my own values,

- Green and red areas to materialize whether we can be in "trade" or not,

- and a second "momentum" indicator slightly off to obtain confirmation of the "trend".,


When everything is green, we go in, when it's red, we go out! That's basically what you have to understand, but of course, I'm going to make you a video that accompanies all this to fully understand and have all the weapons that are going well to win!

Everything will be online in a few days, H24, 7/7 for everyone's needs!


(I will share these indicators and my method for free, so that everyone can use them, because I believe that making money should not belong only to the rich... but in return, if you want to help the chain with your winnings and share part of them to help me pay for servers, electricity, machine, new machines then to work on multiple cryptos, electricity which keeps increasing, my research and my work, do not hesitate! All amounts are welcome).

Everything will serve the community in any case!

recevoir ethereum metamask.jpg

So, for the members of the community, I will provide you with a youtube server, an online server, so that everyone can follow my indicators live, but also chat, and find each other, in addition to the signal applications and the "what's app" community!


That's it friends, I hope you like it and that you will find happiness, and huge profits!


So, if you want to join the "crypto family", enter the group, integrate the chat, take advantage of the method and the indicators, you are welcome.


If you have cool ideas to put in place that can move the community forward, or if you have great talents, don't hesitate to contact me!!! ;-)


As usual, I remind you that I am not financial adviser, that I just provide my own tools, my method.


That all this commits only me in my results, that I do not ask you to trade, that I do not force you to trade, that investing money commits you to repay it, and that this money may totally lost!

We only trade the money we are willing to lose!

Do not take credit to invest in crypto!

Do not make collateral!

Do not do levers of more than X10!


Do your own research first, do "paper trading" (trading for fake ;-) ) without committing your money, and only invest if you make money in "paper trading" and everything is clear !


@ very quickly in the community which is super nice! only valuable people

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