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Hello everyone, While our GIBBS911 indicator is in its 5th version, after a short year of testing and development, we opened it to the CRYPTOFAMILLY community at the beginning of the year.

In just a few weeks, there are already more than 65 of us using it on a daily basis, and all the feedback is extremely positive.

This indicator is unique, he is by invitation only, and uses 3 concepts in 1.

This graphique is a representation of the texcellent GIBBS911 indicator on tradingview !
GIBBS911- v5 indicator on tradingview

It can be used on all markets, FOREX, TRADITIONAL, CRYPTOCURRENCY, and in all time frames! !

Very complete, it can be used very easily by traders starting in mode (it crosses, I buy or I sell! (On the chart below, the white line crosses the price, with green candles, on a green support , I buy. When the price breaks the white line with red candles, I sell...).

It's difficult to make it simpler! , but it also has a lot of options that you can add for free to make it a very precise, whatever your strategy!

You can consult some of these opinions following this link:

But you can also get more infos directly and obtain live user opinions within the discord, you can ask all the questions you wish, and exchange with all members of the community.

Take advantage of it, it's free until April 15!!! ;-)

This gives you time to fully understand how the indicator works! ;-)

You also have an explanatory video at this link:

A dedicated room on discord at this link:

Inside to the discord, you will have an indicator room which allows you to talk about the indicator, to ask questions, and above all, to have answers!

But as an option, you can also have the combo lounge, which offers market alerts, and processes analyzes for each bullish or bearish signal triggered!

With the COMBO, you have the freedom to enjoy family, or your friends and favorite sports, without spending all your time behind a screen!

You will then be able to receive alerts directly to your mailbox of bullish and bearish crossovers.

You will always be aware of the moments when it is interesting to look at your screen, and your wallet!

In all cases, the offer is free and without obligation!

Don’t hesitate to come and meet the superb CRYPTOFAMILLY community, there are already more than 5,700 of us!!! ;-)

Excellent trades to all, Let your wallet be crypto! See you soon !

Attention, trader comporte des risques pour vos finances et votre santé, dont vous devez être conscient !

Il ne faut trader que l'argent que vous êtes prêt à perdre !

Je me tiens à votre disposition pour en parler !

Ceci n'est pas un conseil en investissement, ni une incitation à trader.

Faire du trading implique que vous sachiez gérer votre budget et l’argent que vous avez à investir. Il faut faire preuve de sagesse et de mesure.


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