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How we do it

Definition of the Specifications with the CEO

Identification of "nodes" under the vision of the CEO

In general, about 3 hours for a "start up" of 6 people

The goal: Identify the different elements that cause problems for everyone.


Interview with the various service managers.

Generally 1 hour per Service Manager 


Strength of proposal atCEOafter acceptance by all Service Managers


Force of proposal of an individual procedure by service.


After 3 weeks of applying the new procedures,  

Interview with the CEO to verify the proper functioning of all the new system put in place.

The goal :Study of the feasibility of the procedure, the time saved, and of course the financial gains

The goal: Verification of the objectives met according to the specifications 

The goal :Improve the different processes and solve the last problems identified!


Total availability and prompt assistance by preferential means as

preferred customer

The key elements: 
I share with you the
first axeson
you can already work

The basic ideas:
- Definition and redefinition of the roles of the CEO every  the weeks!
- Apply the "Pareto" to the CEO.
He can do the first 20% of any new activity, but the rest of the team must do the 80%.
- Never forget, the CEO has the most global vision of the company, and must focus on his ability to grow the company in a very changing environment. 
Stay malleable and flexible!




How to grow the company:

The 2 key elements:
- Increase performance and customer satisfaction!
If these two items go well, the company will have great growth!
- Apply AARR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue)

Prioritize actions! 


Understand the market, the competition, and adapt!

Offer a new way to capture the attention of its customers!
Adapt to different social means, use experts!



How do you get everyone to go in the same direction?
Define the objectives, the needs, make sure that everyone understands the vision of the Management.



Trust the employees!
Human beings outperform when they know they are confident! 



Measure your relationship to money!
Are you doing this to get money?
To create money?
To create processes?
To satisfy your customers?
For the report to your collaborators?  


We are of course at your disposal for further information! 

You can contact us on our email:

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